About The Book

     How do you “Finesse” life’s lessons and turn them into your true calling? What do you believe? What guides your thoughts and ideas? What are your goals? What kind of man or woman are you? Who do you aspire to be and lastly, what’s holding you back from living the life of your dreams? These are some of the questions you can expect to answer when reading this book.

     Life is filled with adversity and lord knows I’ve had my share. We all have been met with adversity. How do you handle it? This book will help you push through the tough times in your life.  Not only will this book help you identify the voices in your head telling you you’re not good enough, it will give you the courage, confidence, and knowledge to quiet them once and for all. The book is filled with real stories, real pain, and real transparency. For that reason this book will connect with you on many levels. 

     As you read through the 10 chapters, the lessons will become clear. You are going to have a “me too” moment. This book will help you to unlock the key to your greatness!  From Personal To Purpose is both thought provoking and entertaining at the same time. 

     From Personal To Purpose is formatted so that it serves as a journal of sorts, your living document. This book is going to give you plenty of opportunities to reflect on your past and help you unlock the future you deserve. It will elicit real emotion. If you sit with the emotion, you will start connecting the dots. 

     If you want to be inspired this is the book! If you want to be motivated this is the book! If you want to be entertained this is the book!  Lastly, if you want to find your voice, purpose and true calling, From Personal To Purpose is a must read! I truly believe this is the book that will help you identify and overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back from living the goals and dreams God has for you. Turn the pages and turn your Personal To Purpose my friends!


Mason Santos 

Thee Dj Finesse